Monday, November 26, 2012

Mother of sick child

My girl is sick today so we are home. It is so nice that I can work from here and not really get behind. My calls can be forwarded to my cell phone and I can log onto email from home. It makes me wonder why I have to go in as much as I do. The answer is, I don't but I think employers think that being there all the time is important. I think I get more done by not being there. I use my time so much better when I don't have the distraction of co-workers.

I also like being here for my child when she needs me. That is why my goal is to keep moving forward with trying to start with being a real estate agent. I imagine putting Emily on the bus in the morning, working on my lap top to do marketing, look at trends, write newsletters and search for the perfect home for my clients. I imagine showing homes in the evening when Scott is home to be with Emily. I am going to keep working toward my goal. I am working on networking now and will keep moving toward my goal. I am also working on getting my finances where I can do what I want to do too.

In the meantime, I am just home with Miss E. She isn't that sick luckily. She will be back on her fee tomorrow, I am sure.

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