Thursday, May 3, 2012

Breakfast time

I never used to eat breakfast but since I have been, I think I need to eat it earlier. I don't get hungry until about 10. By the time lunch rolls around, I am not hungry. This morning I had a bowl of Trader Joe's Oatmeal Complete with an entire Pink Lady apple from the Farmer's Market cut up in it.

I also had my typical two cups of coffee with cream in that awesome cup that I painted! It is now 11:49 and I should be hungry. I am not. Boo. I will probably be hungry at 2:00 pm again which makes me not very hungry at dinner. I might try to start eating my breakfast before work. What a novel concept!

What time do you eat breakfast?

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  1. Breakfast's pretty important, but I think people overrate its need to be eaten directly upon waking!

    I'm not sure though, I'm no expert! Lately I've been experimenting with drinking lemon water, and waiting until I feel hungry to eat, and I seem to have better-food-feeling-days when I do that. I have always had the habit of eating directly after waking, so it's nice to try something new!

    But, I read an article that may be beneficial for you. It said that if you're not hungry when you first wake up, you could have some fruit, or berries. Apparently, they stimulate the appetite so that you can have an actual breakfast afterwards. Fruits and berries are pretty nice to eat, even if you're not hungry, so it may be a nice way to start! :)

    Oh, and nice cup! It's sweet! Looks like the perfect size too.