Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I ate Wednesday

Breakfast this morning was another big bowl of my new favorite combo:

I have been crushing the Pumpkin Spice Flax Kashi bar into my Chobani Greek Yogurt. It was really good. My flavor today was pomegranate. I really liked that it had little pomegranate seeds in it. I also had two cups of coffee with cream. I have not made an attempt to not drink two. It just tastes so good. Darn. My tea tastes good as well but it isn't the same.

For lunch I had a LARGE glass of water. I am so bad at hydrating but I know that helps with my fatigue. I am pretty tired a lot but I have yet to really zero in what causes my fatigue. I have been checked for thyroid issues, anemia and a few other things that I thought my have been causing my fatigue. All negative. It could be a combination of things. In addition to the my big glass of water, I had a fuji apple that we had picked up at the Farmers Market over the last weekend.

I also had a frozen meal from Open Nature which is an all natural brand that they sell at Safeway. I had the Veggie Lasagna.

I have been reading a lot of Kath Eats Real Food lately and I am trying to eat what Kath would consider "real food" but I am admittedly lazy and I am still at a point where some short cuts are necessary for me. That being said, I am trying to eat a frozen meal that is more natural like these selections from Open Nature and Amy's and Kashi. I will work beyond the frozen meals I think, the more I try to get to in touch with my health. I owe it to myself and my daughter to make this a priority but BOY, so many things to work on all the time.

Happy Wednesday all! I will be back to finish up WIAW tonight! I have no idea what is for dinner tonight so it will be a surprise for us all.

UPDATE: The hubby made pork chops with panko breading, rice and broccoli for dinner and that is what I ate Wednesday!

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