Monday, September 10, 2012

Too full for lunch

It is 1:00 pm and I still feel full from breakfast, because I ate it so late. Darn. I am going to try to force some intake because eating late will just force me to not want to eat dinner.

I just can't seem to eat breakfast early. I will work on it some more. Here's what is happening for lunch.

16 oz of water = 0 points
Baby Carrots = 0 points
Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken = 9 points
Total for lunch = 9 points

I have some lemon yogurt for a snack later but I don't know that I will be able to stomach more food. It is weird that I am supposed to be on a diet yet I have to force myself to eat more. I had gotten in this bizarre habit of eating one HUGE meal per day. Seems like it might make you lose weight. It doesn't. At all.  Not to mention it wreaking havoc on your body, bad for your blood sugar, all around bad plan. I am trying not to do that anymore.

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